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TOUR IN SUDAN is a fully tourism guide group have strong relations with many Sudanese commercial companies registered by the Sudanese ministry of Antique, tourism and wildlife.
We are the largest guide network in Sudan specialized in cultural and archaeological tours and business travel; we have an operational office in Khartoum and representative offices.

All group; guides, drivers and cooks are very professional. They are all very knowledgeable on the country and have a wide range of experience managing groups to western standard in order to fulfill the needs of the most demanding clients.

We aim to get get you comfort car, taking the road less traveled, mixing with the locals, learning about their culture, and most importantly having an open mind. We also aim to provide excellent services fairly and also where we sap expertise and dedication of vision and sincerity of the Covenant and the promise to build bridges of trust between us and our customers in various areas of booking and travel and tourism

Enjoy our website which we hope you found interesting.
Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about what we can do to make your stay in Sudan perfect.