About Sudan

Sudan is an independent country since 1956, it has a stable political situation and it is safe to travel, where our operations take place. The people of Sudan are extremely friendly and welcoming.
Sudan is an original, mysterious and unique destination, still unknown to the most, this is the area where the African and Arabic culture meet. Its history is very much connected to the Ancient Egyptian one, the Nile River crosses the Sahara Desert and along its valley lays very interesting archaeological sites of the Meroitic civilizations, most of them are World Heritage protected by UNESCO.

There are more pyramids in Sudan than in Egypt!

After South Sudan separation, Northern Sudan is still a very large and diverse country. The astonishing landscape of the three deserts, associated to the beauty of the Nile Cataracts, the hidden Nubian villages, El Dinder, PortSudan and the welcoming people make of this place an innovative, unexpected destination.