about us

TOUR IN SUDAN is a fully tourism guide group have strong relations with many Sudanese commercial companies registered by the Sudanese ministry of Antique, tourism and wildlife.

TOUR IN SUDAN do tour guide throughout Nubian lands and also throughout red sea. using relationship with the communities there to ensure you unique personal contact with the people of both regions.

At TOUR IN SUDAN our vision of responsible tourism includes learning the perspectives of local communities and sustaining the environment. Our informative tours will leave you enriched. The memories of Nubia will linger long after you return home.


We are the largest guide network in Sudan specialized in cultural and archaeological tours and business travel; we have an operational office in Khartoum and representative offices.

Responsible Tourism
We are committed to protect the environment, its resources and the people of Sudan.

Support the local communities: in our properties of Meroe ,Karima and portsudan.
We travel often in remote areas of north Sudan, we visit local houses, nomads huts and stop at wells in the desert. which are very precious goods in this part of Africa.
We take care (free of charge) of the local operations and logistic they have in Sudan.

  • We can provide reservations on the best available techniques
  • We complement all travel arrangements and procedures passports to renew and add, visa, etc., and we have good relations with all the embassies in Sudan
  • We organize tours at home under the slogan (discover the secrets of SUDAN). We also organize tours for individuals and groups and grooms abroad


  • Tailor-made itineraries
  • Scheduled tours
  • Car rental
  • Adventure and cultural experiences
  • Business travel
  • Luxury Travel
  • Hotel booking
  • Meeting and Incentive

Our cars operate with 2 crew and in certain places an additional local cook or guide. In the office, our operations team use their years of experience and local knowledge to create carefully-designed itineraries. Our group know more about TOUR IN SUDAN than anyone else – we really will go the extra mile for you.

Enjoy our website which we hope you found interesting.
Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about what we can do to make your stay in Sudan perfect.