Our Trips

We aim to get get you comfort car, taking the road less traveled, mixing with the locals, learning about their culture, and most importantly having an open mind.
We focus on choosing the best trained and support the crew, specially crafted our itineraries to allow us to travel at a relaxed pace and allow the freedom and flexibility to explore the region and be as active as you want. We always keep our commitment to responsible travel at the heart of everything we do.


  • We genuinely get you comfortable car
    Our specialized cars can reach places other forms of transport can’t reach. Head into the secret lands of Sudan, visit the remarkable Mountains, cross the ancient Nubian along the Nile or travel through the Sahara Desert in Sudan.
  • We get you into the local community
    Cultural interaction & real-life local experiences are an integral part of our itineraries.
  •  We make the journey as active as you want
    Our trips have been carefully designed to offer freedom, flexibility & time to explore.
  •  We take time to enjoy the journey
    We have honed our itineraries to offer the best of a destination at a considered pace. We prefer to take a few more days & offer a more in-depth experience – spend a week exploring.